About AmpIQ

AmpIQ enables customer-centric marketing campaigns. Use segment insights to build high-value segments. Use those segments to add audiences to campaigns. Build campaigns that send those audiences to any combination of downstream marketing workflows.

AmpIQ promotes customer-centric marketing by enabling new insights on every customer, smart segmentation, and seamless campaign integration from an intuitive interface that makes it easy to apply the right segments, test and optimize, and then grow loyalty and lifetime value.

  • AmpIQ generates customer- and segment-level insights, including for brand and channel behaviors, product preferences, revenue sizing, and recommended actions.

  • AmpIQ enables out-of-the-box predictive models, segments, and personas designed to improve customer lifetime value with a visual interface that allows you to explore and create segments on your own.

  • Campaigns can be activated cross-channel to optimize channel mix, drive improved experiences, and improve return on investment.

  • Apply closed-loop measurements, multivariate testing, and control groups to transactions, revenue gains, and key performance indicators for customers.

  • Send these results to any 100+ integrations and any of your downstream workflows, including to marketing, customer experience, advertising, and attribution tools.

Common workflows

The most common workflows for AmpIQ involves building segments, applying segment insights and predictive analytics, and then building audiences for use with campaigns.

Use AmpIQ to:

  • Discover customer segments with product affinities, and then identify the right products for that segment

  • Review customer insights from the Segments page to identify growth opportunities

  • Perform opportunity sizing on a per-segment basis

  • Build segments by customer value, i.e. “top 1%”, “top 5%”, “top 10%”, etc.

  • Review data by predictive model, including predicted customer lifetime value (pCLV), churn propensity, next best product, and discount sensitivity

  • Build segments that use customer attributes, behavioral data, and predictive attributes

  • Build detailed campaigns with A/B groupings, and then send them to any customer channel


AmpIQ has specific data requirements for data source quality, columns and tables, fields, and additional data sources.

Sending campaigns

Sending campaigns from Amperity is a combination of three things: segments, audiences, and destinations. The following series of topics describes how these work.

  • A segment defines the audience that you will use with your campaign.

  • A campaign breaks that audience down into sub-audiences that align to your marketing strategies and goals.

  • Destinations are the locations and channels to which you will send those sub-audiences, after which you will perform specific marketing activities to support your marketing campaign.