Merged_Households table

The Merged_Households table is a data table that must be added to a customer 360 database to support address-based householding. The purpose of the Merged_Households table is to apply address-based householding and address standardization to the output of the Merged_Customers table. The contents of this table contain the Household ID and can be used to improve the results of certain campaign types, such as direct mail.

The Merged_Households table generates a household ID (as a UUID) for records with an exact match on full_address and surname. The Merged_Households table requires the Merged_Customers table to ensure that household IDs are applied after the best address has been identified.

To add the Merged_Households table

  1. From the Customer 360 page, under All Databases, open the menu for a database, and then click Edit.

  2. Click Add Table.

  3. Set Build Mode to “SQL”, open the Apply template drop-down menu, and then select Merged_Households.

  4. Update the name of the table template to append the brand name to the table name.

  5. Update the SQL in the table template for the correct name of the address standardization lookup table.

  6. Verify semantic tags and ensure that fields that contain PII are marked correctly.

  7. Make the table available to the Segment editor in AmpIQ by selecting the Make available in Visual Segment Editor option.


    Only tables that contain an Amperity ID may be made available to the Segment editor in AmpIQ and/or used with campaigns.

  8. Click Activate to update the database with your changes.