Amperity Training helps you get hands-on with Amperity and learn in an environment led by experts who will walk you through the complete end-to-end workflow that is performed by users who are assigned the OPERATOR role.

For more information about Amperity training, including how to set up training for your company, talk with your Amperity Customer Support representative.

Scope of training

Amperity Training covers the following areas:

Scope of training

Links to supporting reference topics and tutorials

Run Amperity in a sandbox

How to operate in a sandbox

Send data to Amperity

A complete list of connected sources

How to send data to Amperity from:

Apply semantic tags:

Load and shape data:

Configure a courier

About couriers

Understand how Stitch works, then configure and run Stitch

How to configure Stitch

Analyze and understand the results of the Stitch process

About Stitch results

Build your customer 360 database

Build and design the customer 360 database, including the following required tables:

Build segments

Amperity has two segment editors:

Send data to destinations

A complete list of connected destinations

How to send data from Amperity to:

Extend the customer 360 database

Extend to support any scenario, such as:

Build the Stitch QA database

Build the Stitch QA database

Required queries:

Optional queries:

Adding transactions and transaction attributes data sources, and then applying those changes to the Stitch process and to the customer 360 database

Understanding how transaction and transaction attributes data sources can be used in segmentation

Automating the end-to-end workflows