Profile Accelerator for Adobe

Profile Accelerator for Adobe provides comprehensive, accessible, and accurate customer profiles that are pre-configured for Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Use the Profile Accelerator for Adobe to add a stable linking key to your customer profile data in Adobe Marketing Cloud. This stable linking key is known as the Amperity ID.

The Profile Accelerator for Adobe.

The Profile Accelerator for Adobe is preconfigured so that it already knows how to ingest your Adobe Marketing Cloud data sources, identify your customers within that data and assign them an Amperity ID, and then send those results back to Adobe Marketing Cloud at regular intervals.

About the Profile Accelerator for Adobe

Adobe uses a deterministic approach that relies on linking keys. You must shape your data into a defined XDM schema, and then organize this data into the level of detail that is required by Adobe.

Amperity built the Profile Accelerator for Adobe based on years of experience working with the world’s top brands. It’s designed to correctly handle data from Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Magento and is already configured to use a 4-5-4 calendar. All semantic tags, configuration settings, and database tables are ready to go. All you need to do is connect the Profile Accelerator for Adobe to your Adobe instances, pull your data, run Amperity, and then send your stable linking keys back to Adobe.

You can extend the Profile Accelerator for Adobe to add more data sources from any other location in which you have data. The multi-patented identity resolution process maintains your stable linking key. Use the SQL interface in Amperity to build queries against your data tables to model your data and align it for how you want to use it within Adobe.

Amperity can optimize the amount of time and effort required to get your data ready for Adobe. Amperity can be extended to support additional sources of data and to support any view into your data. Amperity can apply accurate identity resolution across all of your customer profiles, leading to better outcomes when using Adobe to engage with your customers and to mangage marketing campaigns.