AmpAi provides marketers, analysts, and data engineers with an AI-powered toolkit for smarter decision-making.


Talk with your Amperity representative to learn more about how your brand can enable AmpAi for use across your tenant.


Stitch uses patented algorithms to evaluate massive volumes of data to discover the hidden connections in your customer records that identify unique individuals. Stitch outputs a unified collection of data that assigns a unique identifier to each unique individual that is discovered within your customer records.


Stitch builds high-quality customer profiles for use with all of your brand’s marketing use cases.

  • Ingest, clean, and normalize data with AI that learns how to group data the way you need it.

  • Connect the customer journey even when contact information, households, or channels change.

  • Learn why and how Stitch merged your customer data into a unified profile.


The AI Assistant is a generative AI feature within the SQL Query Editor that provides real-time insights while you author SQL queries against any database in the Customer 360 page.


Use the AI Assistant to:

  • Ask for help while resolving a SQL error

  • Get advice on how to improve a query

  • Ask questions about SQL syntax, such as “What is the syntax for a window function?”

  • Create SQL queries starting from natural language, such as “Who are my top 100 customers by lifetime spend?” or “Show me everyone who shopped in-store over the last 30 days.”


A predictive model is a feature of AmpIQ that predict customer behavior, such as predicted customer lifetime value (predicted CLV), churn propensity, product affinity, and lifecycle events.


Unlock hidden revenue, acquire new customers, increase conversion rates, improve customer lifetime value, and retain more revenue.

  • Build high-value lookalike audiences using your best customers as seed data.

  • Use event propensity scoring to help move your customers through the funnel.

  • Identify high-value customers using scores that predict customer lifetime value.

  • Identify customers who are cooling down and at risk of churn.