How to use this site

This topic is about the Amperity documentation site and describes the topic collections that are here and the features that help you find what you are looking for.

The numbers in the following images refer to specific areas within the documentation that enable:

  1. Site navigation

  2. Cross-site search

  3. Left-side navigation

  4. Topic pane

  5. Right-side navigation

  6. Feedback

How to use the Amperity documentation site.

On a tablet or mobile device, site navigation, search, and left-side navigation moves to the menu in the top-right corner. (The right-side navigation is not available when viewing the documentation from a tablet or mobile device.) Click the menu to search, browse the left-side navigation, and switch between the AmpIQ, Amp360, DataGrid & AmpID, and Amperity A-Z topic collections.

The Amperity documentation site in responsive mode.

Left-side navigation

The left-side navigation represents all of the topics within a topic collection and is organized in a way that keeps similar topics close together, either by component or by workflow.

  • AmpIQ represents a workflow that starts with building audiences (using segments and segment insights), and then configures those audiences as part of campaigns that support a variety of marketing channels, use cases, and outcomes.

  • Amp360 represents a workflow that starts with building queries, and then sends those results to downstream workflows and BI tools.

  • DataGrid & AmpID represents a workflow that starts with sandboxes, and then moves left-to-right through Amperity.

  • Amperity A-Z is organized alphabetically.

On a tablet or mobile device, the left-side navigation is available from the menu in the top-right corner. Click that menu to open the navigation, and then browse through the sections.

Topic pane

The topic pane contains all of the content. The right-side navigation shows the structure of the topic. For example, a topic titled “About Couriers” contains all of the information about couriers and a topic titled “Send to Klaviyo” contains all of the information about sending query results to Klaviyo from Amperity.

Some topics are very long, like the Presto SQL and Spark SQL reference topics. All topics are complete based on the title of the topic. Use your browser’s finder window to search within large topics for keywords as necessary.

Right-side navigation

The right-side navigation represents the sections within the current topic and is generated automatically based on the headers within the topic. For many topics only the title is represented within the left-side navigation.

On a tablet or mobile device, the right-side navigation is not available, though any anchor links will work correctly and will bring you to the right spot on the page.


A feedback button is available in the lower right. Please use this button to send us feedback about Amperity documentation.

The feedback widget on the Amperity documentation site.

It’s easy to send documentation feedback:

  1. Click the feedback button.

  2. Type your feedback.

  3. A valid email address is required. Provide your email address or use to send your feedback anonymously. We will review your feedback and quickly address all feedback.


    If you have a genuine support issue, please click the Get Support link in the site navigation (at the top), and then follow the directions listed there, or contact your Amperity representative directly.

  4. Send your feedback. Thank you!

On a tablet or mobile device, the feedback button remains in the lower right of the window.