One and Done?

Customer retention is critical for the long-term growth of your brand. It is not enough to acquire a customer who makes a single purchase. It is essential to find ways to convince your one-time buyers to become long-term, repeat customers.

Use a list of one-time buyers to identify combinations of products, time windows, and lookalike audiences that can be used as the starting point for campaigns that focus on turning one-time buyers into repeat customers.

To find one-time buyers, start with the One and Done attribute in the Transaction_Attributes_Extended table, and then set its condition to is true.

Choose the one and done attribute from the Segment Editor.

Available conditions

The following table lists the conditions that are available to this attribute.


This attribute has a Boolean data type. All Boolean data types share the same set of conditions. Recommended conditions for this attribute are identified with “ Recommended” and conditions with more limited use cases are identified with “ Not recommended”.



is false


is false filters your segment to include only customers with at least 2 purchases.

is not NULL

is not NULL returns a list of customers who have made at least 1 purchase, which should be the same list of customers that exists when is_false and is_true are in a segment, both of them are set to “true”, and you are using the OR condition in-between.


is NULL should return a list of 0 customers.

is true


is true filters your segment to include only customers with 1 purchase.