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Manage sources

Any SFTP site Acxiom Adobe Analytics Adobe Commerce Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Amazon S3 Attentive Mobile Azure Blob Storage BazaarVoice Bluecore Braze Brightloom Campaign Monitor Cheetah Digital Cordial Databricks Dynamic Yield Experian Google Analytics Google Cloud Storage Heap HubSpot Klaviyo Kustomer Listrak Microsoft Dataverse Monetate Optimizely Oracle Responsys Sailthru Salesforce Commerce Cloud Salesforce Marketing Cloud Salesforce Pardot Salesforce Sales Cloud SFTP (in Amperity) Shopify Snowflake (on Amazon AWS) Snowflake (on Microsoft Azure) Square Vibes Zendesk

Recommendations for sending data to Amperity

Reshape data on ingest

About ingest queries About Spark SQL About load operations for ingest queries Add ingest query Add load operation

Example ingest queries: Build birthdate Concatenate columns Explode transactions Find records Flatten with identifiers Import billing as address JOIN datasets Load XML data Parse nested records Remove field Select all fields

Apply semantic tags

About feeds About semantic tags

Configure feeds: Set the primary key Apply semantic tags Select last updated field Make available to Stitch

Customer profiles: About customer profiles Address groups Email addresses Loyalty programs Names Phone numbers

Customer interactions: About customer interactions Apply to feeds or use domain SQL? Associate to Amperity IDs

Keys: About keys Blocking keys (bk) Customer keys (ck) Foreign keys (fk) Primary keys (pk) Separation keys (sk)

Product catalogs: About product catalogs Define product catalogs

Review domain data

Review domain data: Review domain data Amperity-added columns Column types Record types

Reshape domain data: Reshape domain data About domain SQL Build birthdates Combine postal codes Extract names Hash profile data Parse multiple separators Set non-USA email to NULL Standardize phone numbers Standardize USA states

Run Stitch

Add tables to Stitch run Run Stitch Configure Stitch

Build databases

Add customer records Add interactions records Enable AmpIQ Enable predicted modeling

Validate results

Review Stitch results About Stitch QA About transactions QA

Define blocklists: Blocklist 360 values Blocklist bad-values Apply Stitch labels Manage nicknames

Configure Stitch: Blocking strategies Case-sensitive foreign keys Clustering algorithm Days of recorded history Email addresses patterns Empty tables Matching strategy Matching thresholds Preprocessing profiles Stable ID assignment Stitch reports Supersized clusters Trivial duplicates

Manage databases

About databases About Spark SQL Define customer profile Export databases and tables

Table types: Standard tables Source and custom tables QA tables

Manage databases: About databases Add empty database Add database from template Customer 360 template Passthrough template Stitch QA template Use multiple databases Apply flexible merge rules

Manage tables: About tables Add as passthrough Add as SQL Add from table template

Standard table templates: Customer360 Customer_Attributes Email_Engagement_Attributes Email_Opt_Status Merged_Customers SMS_Opt_Status Transaction_Attributes Unified_Coalesced Unified_Customer Unified_Itemized_Transactions Unified_Scores Unified_Transactions

Multibrand table templates: About multi-brand templates Customer360 Transaction_Attributes Transaction_Attributes_Extended Unified_Itemized_Transactions Unified_Transactions

Validation alerts: About validation alerts Implicit CROSS JOIN OVER without PARTITION BY Unescaped backslashes Unintentional broadcast joins

Query historical data: About querying historical data Available versions Return versions by datetime Return versions by creation date View all versioned tables

Extend databases: Add a graph database Add a PII table Add householding Calculate nearest store Predict gender Support CCPA and GDPR workflows Use first-party data Use third-party data

Configure destinations

Any SFTP site Active Campaign Acxiom Adobe Campaign Adobe Customer Attributes Adobe Experience Platform Adobe Marketo Amazon Ads Amazon Pinpoint Amazon Redshift Amazon S3 Attentive Mobile AWS Connect Azure Blob Storage Azure Synapse BazaarVoice Bluecore Braze Brightloom BI Connect Campaign Monitor Cheetah Digital Cordial Criteo Databricks DV360 Domo Dynamic Yield Dynamics 365 Marketing Evocalize Experian Facebook Ads Facebook Messenger Google Ads Google BigQuery Google Cloud Storage HubSpot Infutor Instagram Kibo Klaviyo Koupon Media Listrak LiveRamp Mailchimp Microsoft Advertising Microsoft Dataverse Microsoft Dynamics Monetate Neustar Optimizely Oracle Data Cloud Oracle DMP Oracle Responsys PebblePost Persado Microsoft Power BI PowerReviews Sailthru Salesforce Marketing Cloud Salesforce Sales Cloud Snapchat Snowflake (on Amazon AWS) Snowflake (on Azure) Tableau The Trade Desk Throtle TikTok Tulip Vibes Webhook WhatsApp Zendesk

Automate workflows

About workflows

Courier groups: About courier groups Add courier group Apply constraints Specify wait times Define offsets Run courier group

Orchestration groups: About orchestration groups Add orchestration group Apply courier offsets Define schedules Specify time zones Run orchestration group