Send query results to Criteo

Criteo is a commerce media platform that helps marketers and media owners manage and scale campaigns. Send audiences to Criteo, and then advertise to customers across paid media, including connected TV (CTV), banner ads, and video ads.


This destination uses the Criteo API .


Amperity requires access to Criteo. This access may expire or be removed periodically, depending on how OAuth is managed at Criteo. If Amperity is unable to send data to Criteo ask your DataGrid Operator to reauthorize access to Criteo.

This topic describes the steps that are required to send audiences to Criteo from Amperity:

  1. Build a query

  2. Add orchestration

  3. Run orchestration


Criteo must be enabled before you can configure an orchestration to send query results. Ask your DataGrid Operator or Amperity representative to enable Criteo for your tenant.

Build query

The default audience list in Criteo requires only an email address. This requires a simple SELECT statement that returns only the Amperity ID and its associated email address:

  ,amperity_id AS "Amperity ID"
  ,email AS "Email"
FROM Customer360


  amperity_id AS "Amperity ID"
  ,email AS Email
FROM Merged_Customers

Send transactions data

You can send transactions data (offline events) to Criteo as a CSV or TSV file using SFTP.

Review the requirements for using SFTP to send transactions data to Criteo , and then configure Amperity to connect to Criteo using the SFTP destination.

After the SFTP destination is configured, use a query to map a customer’s email address and transactions data to the fields that can be sent to Criteo. For example:

  uit.amperity_id AS user_crmid
  , AS user_email
  ,uit.order_id AS event_id
  ,uit.item_quantity AS event_item_quantity
  ,uit.product_id AS event_item_id
  ,uit.currency AS event_currency
  ,uit.item_revenue AS event_item_price
  ,uit.order_datetime AS event_timestamp
  ,uit.store_id AS store_id
  --,uit.purchase_brand AS event_item_brand --optional
  --,uit.product_category AS event_item_category --optional
FROM Merged_Customers mc
INNER JOIN Unified_Itemized_Transactions uit
ON mc.amperity_id = uit.amperity_id
AND uit.is_return = false
AND uit.is_cancellation = false

Use an orchestration to send transactions to Criteo using the SFTP destination.

Add orchestration

An orchestration defines the relationship between query results and a destination, including the location to which those query results will be sent and the frequency at which the orchestration will be run.

To add an orchestration

  1. From the Destinations tab, click Add Orchestration. This opens the Add Orchestration dialog box.

  2. From the Object Type drop-down, select Query.

  3. From the Object drop-down, select the query for which results will be sent to Criteo.

  4. From the Destination drop-down, select a destination that is configured for sending data to Criteo.

  5. From the Data Template drop-down, select a data template.

  6. Verify all settings.

  7. Set the workflow to Manual. (You can change this to automatic later, after verifying the end-to-end workflow.)

  8. Click Save.

Run orchestration

Run the orchestration manually to validate that it works.

To run the orchestration

  1. From the Destinations tab, under Orchestrations, open the    menu for the Criteo orchestration, and then select Run.

  2. The Status column for the orchestration will update to say “Waiting to start…”, after which the notifications pane will update to include a notification that shows the current status.

  3. When the orchestration has run successfully, the status is updated to “Completed”.