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Amp360 merges behavioral, contextual, and transactional data into useful profiles, even when your data sources are incomplete, inconsistent, or lack linking keys.

About this topic collection

The left-side navigation (from top to bottom) in this topic collection uses a verb-based approach to loosely organize around the series of actions that you may do when building queries, and then sending those results to downstream workflows.

The left-side navigation has sections for the following types of activities:

  1. Reviewing Stitch results and ID resolution.

  2. Viewing databases in the Customer 360 page.

  3. Building queries using Presto SQL. These queries can support any desired use case.

  4. Analyzing campaign results to support AmpIQ users, if AmpIQ is enabled for your tenant.

  5. Sending query results to any downstream workflow, including to BI tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Dynamics, and Business Intelligence Connect.

Example workflow

Amperity standard output tables provide the foundation for a complete view of your customer. Use queries to return any type of results, and then send those results to any destination.

Build queries, and then send those results to BI tools and other downstream workflows.

The numbers in the previous diagram represent a scenario that builds a query, and then sends results to a configured destination:

  1. Open Amperity and review databases and tables.

  2. Build a query that returns the right set of data to support your downstream workflow.

  3. Send the results of that query to any configured destination. (Query results are sent to a single destination.)

Log in to Amperity

You must provide your credentials to Amperity in order to log in.

To log in to Amperity

  1. Open in your web browser. Google Chrome is recommended.

  2. When prompted, provide your Amperity credentials.


    Most credentials are configured to use some form of single sign-on (SSO), but may be configured to use usernames and passwords, depending on how user access is configured for your tenant.

  3. Click LOG IN.

Supported browsers

Amperity works best with Google Chrome and works fine with Chromium-based browsers, such as Brave.

Amperity is not supported from Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or from mobile/tablet devices.