Send query results to The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk is a platform for wide internet advertising and enables the use of UID 2.0 for first-party paid media advertising.

Use Amperity to manage email addresses in The Trade Desk. Build a query using the email field and send the results of that query to The Trade Desk. If contacts exist in The Trade Desk for the emails sent in the query, the contact list will be updated to match the query.

Amperity can manage audiences for The Trade Desk demand-side platform, from which your brand can reach audiences throughout their entire digital journey and across every channel and device, including:

  • Display advertising on ABC, ESPN, the Wall Street Journal, live sporting events (Major League Baseball), in-store advertising at WalMart, and more.

  • Video advertising on over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) apps and platforms, such as Disney+, Major League Baseball, Hulu, Fox, Vevo, Paramount+, and more.

  • Audio advertising in-between songs and during podcasts across Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, iHeart, and more.

What is UID 2.0?

Unified ID 2.0 is an open source identity framework that benefits consumers by allowing them to control how their data is shared with publishers and advertisers.

The Trade Desk supports using UID 2.0 to help establish your customers’ identifies without using third-party data. UID 2.0 enables publisher websites, mobile apps, and Connected TV (CTV) apps to monetize through programmatic workflows, while offering user transparency and privacy controls that meet local market requirements.


This destination uses the The Trade Desk API to manage audiences and send offline events.

Changes to audiences are not immediately available in The Trade Desk. Allow for up to 48 hours after the point at which Amperity has finished sending audience updates for them to be available.

This topic describes the steps that are required to send email address lists to The Trade Desk from Amperity:

  1. Build a query

  2. Add orchestration

  3. Run orchestration


The Trade Desk must be enabled before you can configure an orchestration to send query results. Ask your DataGrid Operator or Amperity representative to enable The Trade Desk for your tenant.

Build query

The default audience list in The Trade Desk requires only an email address. This requires a simple SELECT statement that returns only the Amperity ID and its associated email address:

  ,amperity_id AS "Amperity ID"
  ,email AS "Email"
FROM Customer360

You may build a more refined list of email addresses, such as those associated with a high-value audience (historical or predicted), or those with affinities for certain products in your brand.

Which attributes should you use?

You can use any attribute that is in your customer 360 database to define your audience.

When the list of customers who belong to this audience is sent to The Trade Desk as part of a campaign you will be required to choose specific attributes to send.

The Trade Desk supports the following attributes: email address lists.

Your brand should only send custom audiences that contain customers who reside within the United States and/or offline events that occurred within the United States to The Trade Desk.

Add orchestration

An orchestration defines the relationship between query results and a destination, including the location to which those query results will be sent and the frequency at which the orchestration will be run.

To add an orchestration

  1. From the Destinations tab, click Add Orchestration. This opens the Add Orchestration dialog box.

  2. From the Object Type drop-down, select Query.

  3. From the Object drop-down, select the query for which results will be sent to The Trade Desk.

  4. From the Destination drop-down, select a destination that is configured for sending data to The Trade Desk.

  5. From the Data Template drop-down, select a data template.

  6. Verify all settings.

  7. Set the workflow to Manual. (You can change this to automatic later, after verifying the end-to-end workflow.)

  8. Click Save.

Run orchestration

Run the orchestration manually to validate that it works.

To run the orchestration

  1. From the Destinations tab, under Orchestrations, open the    menu for the The Trade Desk orchestration, and then select Run.

  2. The Status column for the orchestration will update to say “Waiting to start…”, after which the notifications pane will update to include a notification that shows the current status.

  3. When the orchestration has run successfully, the status is updated to “Completed”.