Multi-channel purchases?

Multi-purchase channel is a flag that indicates if a customer has purchased from more than one channel.

You can access multichannel purchases directly from the Segment Editor. To add this attribute to your segment, click Add criteria, select the Transaction Attributes Extended table, select the Multi Purchase Channel attribute, and then apply an condition.

Choose the multichannel purchase attribute from the Segment Editor.


The following topics contain examples of using multi-purchase channel:

Available conditions

The following table lists the conditions that are available to this attribute.


This attribute has a Boolean data type. All Boolean data types share the same set of conditions. Recommended conditions for this attribute are identified with “  Recommended” and conditions with more limited use cases are identified with “  Not recommended”.



is false


is false returns a list of customers who do not have multichannel purchases.

is not NULL

is not NULL returns a list of customers who returned an order or who did not return an order.


is NULL returns customer records that do not have information about returned orders.

is true


is true returns a list of customers who have multichannel purchases.