Send data with orchestrations

You can send results from Amp360 using an orchestration that:

Send query results

An orchestration defines the relationship between query results and a destination, including the location to which those query results will be sent and the frequency at which the orchestration will be run.

An orchestration may be added for an active query or for a database export. An orchestration must be associated to an existing destination. Depending on the data schema required by the destination, a data template may also be necessary.


You may not add an orchestration for a draft query.

Use the Add Orchestration button to add an orchestration to Amperity. An orchestration should be created for each workflow that sends data from Amperity to an external destination. An orchestration uses a destination and a data template, both of which may be used by other orchestrations.

To add an orchestration

  1. From the Destinations tab click Add Orchestration. This opens the Add Orchestration dialog box.

  2. From the Object Type drop-down, select Query or Database Export.

  3. From the Object drop-down, select the name of the query or database export that will be sent to a destination.


    This name will also be the name of the orchestration.

  4. From the Destination drop-down, select the name of a destination that is configured to send data.

  5. From the Data Template drop-down, select a data template.

  6. Verify any destination-specific settings.

    Settings are determined by the destination and data template

    Orchestration settings vary depending on which destination and data template are associated with it.

  7. Set the workflow to Manual. (You can change this to automatic later, after verifying the end-to-end workflow.)

  8. Click Save.

Edit data template

A data template defines how columns in Amperity data structures are sent to downstream workflows. A data template is part of the configuration for sending query and segment results from Amperity to an external location.

Use the Edit Settings option in the row for a specific data template to make changes, including to credentials, visibility, PII, and template settings. Verify that both upstream and downstream processes are not affected by these changes.

To edit a data template

  1. From the Destinations page, open the menu in the same row as the data template to be edited, and then select Edit Settings.

  2. Make changes to the data template.

  3. Click Save.

Send data exports

Database tables and databases can be sent from Amperity as a data export. A data export is configured from the Customer 360 page, and then added to an orchestration from the Destinations page.

To assign a database export to an orchestration

  1. From the Destinations page click Add Orchestration. This opens the Add Orchestration dialog box.

  2. From the Object Type drop-down, select Database Export.

  3. Select a destination and complete the rest of the orchestration settings.

  4. Click Save.