About AmpIQ

About AmpIQ

Tools for marketers

1. Segments 2. Campaigns 3. Destinations

Define audiences

Audience examples

High-value multichannel customers New high-value customers Lapsing customers Top 20% revenue during previous year New website customers Early repeat buyers One and done

Profile attributes

Addresses Birthdates Email addresses Gender Names Phone numbers

Orders and items attributes

Average number of items Average order values Average price intervals Brand purchase intervals Brands purchased canceled quantities canceled revenue Preferred channels Channel purchases, intervals Channels purchased Costs Currency Days since latest order Digital channels Discount amounts Discount percents Early repeat purchaser? First-to-latest order First-to-second order Is canceled? Is returned? Largest order values List prices Multi-brand purchases Multi-channel purchases One and done? Order datetimes Order frequency intervals Order IDs Order shipping amounts Payment methods Preferred brands Preferred stores, intervals Product catalogs Profit amounts Quantities Repeat orders within 365 days? Returned quantities Returned revenue Revenue Revenue, intervals RFM Store IDs Store visits, intervals Subtotals Sum of item discounts Tax amounts Total discount amounts Total items Total items, intervals

Predictive analytics attributes

Audience sizes Customer ranking Predicted average order revenue Predicted CLV Predicted lifecycle status Predicted order frequency Predicted transactions Predicted value tiers

Purchase behaviors

First orders Has not purchased Has purchased Most frequent orders Repeat orders Total value of orders

Standard output

Common scenarios

Churn prevention Customer lifetime value Direct mail One-time buyers People-based measurement Recommended audiences RFM Paid media Offline

Build segments

About segments About the Segments page How segments work Segment names Attributes Purchase behaviors Segment insights Databases and tables AND vs. OR SQL editor Segment overview

Configure campaigns

About campaigns About the Campaigns page How campaigns work One-time campaigns Recurring campaigns Multi-channel Attributes Audiences Control groups Destinations Exclusion lists Treatment groups Sub-audiences Timing and launch dates Email notifications

Choose destinations

Active Campaign Adobe Marketo Amazon S3 Attentive Mobile Azure Blob Storage Bing Ads Braze Cheetah Digital Cordial Criteo DV360 Facebook Facebook Messenger Gmail Google Ads Google Cloud Storage Google Search Google Shopping HubSpot Instagram Klaviyo Listrak LiveRamp Meta Ads Manager Microsoft Ads Neustar Oracle DMP Oracle Eloqua Pinterest Sailthru Salesforce Marketing Cloud SFTP Snapchat The Trade Desk TikTok Ads WhatsApp YouTube XBox

Apply predictive analytics

Churn prevention Customer lifetime value